Abortion companies in Arizona are rendering it obvious that they arent safeguarding womens health.

Abortion companies in Arizona are rendering it obvious that they aren’t safeguarding women’s health, noted AUL’s lead attorney Mailee Smith, rather their priority is getting paid. The statutory law also requires a 24-hour reflection period before the woman may actually undergo an abortion, and it prohibits abortion companies from collecting payment before the expiration of the reflection period. In September 2009, Arizona abortion companies filed legal issues to the statutory regulation in both federal and state courts, requesting that it end up being declared and enjoined unconstitutional. A federal district court later refused to enjoin regulations and abortion companies have elected to charm the enforcement of the payment limitations to the 9th Circuit.Experts say there are several state-level variables which will influence any impacts on liability costs made by the Affordable Care Act. This includes items such as for example whether states need medical costs to end up being deducted from liability awards or whether states choose to put into action the Affordable Care Act's optional Medicaid expansion. As the study primarily focuses on the short-term impacts of health reform on the cost of liability insurance, RAND experts also suggest that the Affordable Treatment Act could have additional long-run impacts.