According to a New England Journal of Medicine Perspective article posted online February 2.

Despite the barriers to becoming an accountable treatment organization, says Berkowitz, health care reform brings great opportunities for academic medical centers to modernize their methods to research, education and clinical treatment. In many important respects, academic medical centers are preferably positioned to put into action meaningful healthcare reform, says Miller. They possess the requisite infrastructure, intellectual capital and networks to spearhead efforts to develop, pilot and disseminate new patient-focused measures and care models.Farmland birds in britain suffer from habitat degradation also. ‘This damage is not inevitable, but a consequence of the way we choose to live,’ said professor Ken Norris, director of research of the Zoological Society of London. ‘Although the report shows the problem is crucial, there is still hope. Protecting nature needs focused conservation actions, political support and can from businesses.’ Making use of your car less, cutting your meats and dairy intake, and purchasing items from companies focused on giving back to the environment might help obtain us out of the mess.