According to a report recently released by the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control.

As a reportable disease, the source of every case would be investigated to avoid transmission to others. Citizenship and Immigration Canada currently designates HIV as a ‘notifiable’ disease, which means there is absolutely no mandatory conditions for follow-up among immigrants who test HIV-positive. However, every province and territory lists HIV as a reportable disease, the CP/Star reports. Mark Gilbert, co-author of the report, said the purpose of making HIV a reportable disease is always to connect with new immigrants who may not know that treatment assistance is definitely obtainable.The difference between your two Shanghai viruses and the similarity between the Shanghai/2 and Anhui/1 viruses argue against human-to-human transmission in these cases, and no close contacts of the patients have got tested positive for these viruses. However, limited human-to-human transmitting was seen in the H7 outbreak in the Netherlands in 200310; therefore, the pandemic potential of the novel avian-origin viruses should not be underestimated. There is absolutely no vaccine designed for these novel viruses Currently, and it is as yet not known if the current candidate H7 vaccine viruses, of which three are North American viruses and the other three are avian viruses from 2000 in holland, could be effective.