AML can be an aggressive and deadly kind of blood cancer.

AbbVie reports results from venetoclax Phase 2 clinical trial in AML at ASH 2014 AbbVie presented during an oral demonstration at the American Culture of Hematology's 56th Annual Conference new results from a Phase 2 study of investigational compound venetoclax in individuals with acute myelogenous leukemia Click to read more . AML can be an aggressive and deadly kind of blood cancer, in which the body produces way too many of a specific kind of white bloodstream cell , which can crowd out healthy bloodstream cells.

.. AZD3965 drug inhibits development of tumours in the lab Manchester scientists have shown that a new medication inhibits the growth of tumours in the laboratory and that its efficiency is improved by merging it with radiotherapy – suggesting a new approach that may be used in the clinic. Many tumours have regions of hypoxia, where there’s a shortage of oxygen. These tumours show a noticeable change in energy production – they switch to using glycolysis, which produces lactate as a by-product. To prevent it being toxic, this lactate should be transported out of cells by molecules known as monocarboxylate transporters . The AstraZeneca drug – known as AZD3965 – inhibits among these molecules, MCT1, in lung cancer cells.