And other cancers.

Varian Medical Systems today announced the introduction of a new line of ‘super’accelerators promote the promote the treatment of lung, prostate, head and neck, and other cancers. The TrueBeam platform for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery is first fully integrated first fully integrated system from the ground at a moving target with unprecedented speed and accuracy designed. Varian introduces the new line last night at a special event here for members of the cancer treatment community made.

The accuracy of a TrueBeam system of less than of less than one millimeter. Above 100 000 data points are continuously monitored as the treatment progresses, the system maintains a true isocenter or focal point of the treatment.66.7 % of of C-reactive protein, assess cardiovascular risk of We saw for high CRP and compared with the prevalence and not other risk factors for heart disease, say Dr. Overall, 25.7 % of men CRP CRP increased, including 8.7 % who had no other risk factors. African Americans had higher levels of CRP than Caucasians. The analysis revealed a Hohe CRP in 77.8 % of males and 66.7 % of women who have at least one risk factor for heart diseases.

Together many experts who which debate on the use of relatively low cost of CRP the blood trial as a general screening tool for ischemic heart disease, well pros and cons. Some say that CRP be able to assist, missing some patients at risk of heart disease that other measurements, to cholesterol can be recommended that the is recommended that the test will be given to men, even when they are at low risk for cardiovascular disease.