Another full 12 months of major food cost hikes?

And six % of these who said they would raise their prices indicated that they would do so by a lot more than six %. Just two % of respondents stated they planned to lessen their menu prices. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Firm reported lately that 2011 marked the best global food prices on record, topping even the 2008 cost spikes that led to shortages in rice and different other food items. So based on the proper time it takes for the 2011 cost hikes to soak up into the economy, 2012 is usually shaping up to become an expensive year for food, no matter how you crunch the true numbers.The 3 remaining individuals received a second infusion with feces from a different donor at 14, 50, and 53 times after randomization; of these patients, 2 were subsequently cured. General, donor feces cured 15 of 16 patients . Resolution of infection happened in 4 of 13 patients in the vancomycin-only group and in 3 of 13 patients in the group receiving vancomycin with bowel lavage. Donor-feces infusion was statistically superior to both vancomycin regimens . The entire cure price ratio of donor-feces infusion was 3.05 as compared with vancomycin alone and 4.05 as compared with vancomycin with bowel lavage .