Confirm High BLOOD CIRCULATION PRESSURE Outside Doctors Office.

This recommendation is really for folks where one really wants to confirm high blood circulation pressure, Bibbins-Domingo said. Blood pressure levels can be confirmed with ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Your doctor will provide a small, portable device that immediately measures your blood circulation pressure every 20 to 30 minutes over 12 to 48 hours. If this technique isn’t available, people may take their blood pressure at different times throughout the full day using home blood pressure monitoring, the USPSTF said.Previous research has discovered vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining muscle strength, and some studies have suggested vitamin D may help prevent falls, researchers say. Vitamin D is situated in such foods as cheese, yogurt, egg yolks and beef liver, and the skin naturally produces the vitamin when subjected to sunlight. ‘Falls in homebound the elderly often lead to disability and positioning in a nursing home,’ said lead writer Denise Houston, associate professor of gerontology and geriatric medication in Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C. Homebound seniors tend to have poor diet plan and little contact with sunlight, putting them in increased risk for low vitamin D amounts, she and her co-workers noted.