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The researchers used a faster version of a type of scanner called HARDI – think of an MRI machine on steroids – the scans of the brain leads at a much higher resolution than a standard MRI. During an MRI scan, the volume of the various tissues in the brain shows by measuring the amount of water present, HARDI pursued as water the brain’s the brain’s white matter – a way to measure the quality of the myelin http://viagrapriser.com .

Since myelination brain circuits follows an inverted U-shaped trajectory, peaking in middle age and then to decrease slowly, Thompson believes identifying genes high-integrity high-integrity myelin is essential for forestalling brain diseases such as multiple sclerosis and autism, have been linked to the breakdown of myelin in connection. The whole point of this research, Thompson said, is to us an insight into diseases of the brain. He said his team has been the number of gene candidates myelin myelin growth narrows – .

The oil pressure in the hydraulic system of too high? Was the current state is of the blades at the wind turbines? The time be for people, equipment and machines in the able to answer this type of question at a particular time operating important because malfunctions and failures can be expensive. Condition monitoring systems or CM – systems are used order to monitor machines remotely: sensors to the equipment Feed What continuous measurements return to a switch box that absorbs and saves the data appropriate , and if a fault occurs, the system alerts the operator. However, before a CM system goes live it must to use with of specific means is adapted for monitoring. For example, if may show lot of simpler and less expensive in future, scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE in Kaiserslautern currently who a CM system of L? Of Si GmbH that are adjusted for use with various types of facility without need to manually programming developing. ‘We have our own configuration language that is especially tailored to CM systems, ‘explains project leader Dr. Mario Trapp. ‘You do not need programming skills in order to work with the language, it is a simple process for the engineering for setting up operating software to of the ‘drag and drop ‘function. ‘The user sees the available tools in shape of graphics on screen, click the ones he wishes and easy pulls she the place where he wants her. For example, if he wants include includes a pressure sensor by the operating software, he chooses corresponding icon and sets pressure thresholds. Depending on the serious the error be, With traditional systems Box All on invite deviating measurements into a central database otherwise Warn the facility operator via SMS. Emergency shut down of system is another option configured to configured. As soon as all set, a code generator will automatically Programmes the check box. ‘Our CM system be as powerful as solutions which require manual programming, but there is far less expensive. Clients to potentially five-figure savings,’says Trapp. Even after the is gone live, the CM software may be altered, for example adding new sensors. In conventional systems, in contrast, the client would to the manufacturer bring Several do so. Several clients are already trial prototyping of the software.