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A number of designs have been used to assess CTOs but to fight the research in this field by conceptual, practical and methodological problems, and the overall quality of the empirical evidence is poor. Rachel Churchill, a senior lecturer and psychiatric epidemiologist at the Institute comments on the report key findings: ‘On the basis of available evidence, the effects of CTOs are difficult to estimate, and even though involved both positive and negative views expressed it is not, it is not possible to possible determine whether CTOs are beneficial or harmful to the patient, ‘..

It has a high mortality due to, among other reasons, the lack of of an effective treatment strategy and due to its high resistance to current chemotherapy. To improve the quality of the treatment, it is important to allow the cell to chemotherapy strategies to identify The level of toxicity. The level of mitochondrial cholesterol in supraphysiological hepatocarcinoma and in other cancers is known, but its role in the regulation of the mitochondrial cell death and resistance to chemotherapy was not known.Other co – authors of the report of Ohio State from Ohio State Greg Norman Snickerdoodle Barker and Alan Su This work is part of ongoing studies from Ohio State Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research.

This study suggests in that it is important not only to measure HDL, rather experimenting with other possibilities of measuring such as HDL particles. Before at in the potential of increase of HDL for the good of patient , it needs more research is be beyond HDL measurement, explains Dr.