Expanding the businesss pain care portfolio and leveraging its expertise in biologics.

Abbott to obtain Novel Investigational Biologic to take care of Chronic Pain Abbott announced a definitive contract to obtain the global rights to PanGenetics BV’s PG110 fully humanized antibody to Nerve Growth Factor , expanding the business’s pain care portfolio and leveraging its expertise in biologics. PG110 is a novel biologic in Phase I clinical trial advancement that targets NGF for the treatment of chronic pain. NGF is normally released at sites of tissue inflammation and damage, and plays a substantial role in the transmitting of pain indicators by the central anxious system order here . The target for treatment of chronic discomfort is still potent, long-lasting analgesia that is tolerable for individuals without the prospect of abuse and dependence, said John Leonard, M.D., senior vice president, global development and research, Abbott.

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