Insurance Harm by high unemployment.

AP: Working-age people losing surface on health coverage The Associated Press/Washington Post: Census Data Expected To Show Working-Age group People Losing Ground WHEN IT COMES TO Poverty, Insurance Harm by high unemployment, working-age Americans are anticipated to reduce ground when new census figures on poverty and the uninsured are released. The Census Bureau on Tuesday is definitely releasing its annual statement on U.S. Economic well-being for 2010 2010, when unemployment averaged 9.6 %. The statistics also are expected to show a 10th 12 months of decline in the share of people with employer-provided insurance, achieving a fresh low. Currently just over 55 % of people receive health coverage through their work . This article was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J.Sadly, a fresh National Nurses United study shows that 85 % folks hospitals are unprepared and offer without any Ebola treatment training to nurses. This insufficient preparation across the board make the medical program and individual hospitals a danger area for Ebola spread. Without the proper protection tools and waste-disposal procedures, hospitals are the last place anyone may choose to be in a right time of pandemic. Thousands of nurses nationwide are concerned that their hospital is unpreparedRegistered nurses throughout the US have grown worried about the situation, since they are right in the cross hairs of a potential Ebola outbreak. National Nurses United kept a press conference to handle nurses’ concerns, believing that hospitals are not properly ready for a potential Ebola outbreak.