Scientists have long believed before

Scientists have long believed before. Of obese people are that way because their genes . This is the first study a genetic factor a genetic factor for obesity.

Obesity is becoming more and more widespread in most parts of the world. Some say it has due to our eating habits, others say it is more to do with less movement than before. The Atkins bunch tell us carbs and carbs and blame the low fat collar for the obesity spread, another club says we should fat fat saying the Atkins series, only it in for the money, others say it is all down to ‘food combining ‘. All these all these ‘gurus’have in common is that they have absolutely no difference to the speed, is spread with the obesity in the world in in the last ten years, when all these ‘revolutionary diets ‘appear unto men, fifty years ago. Used the United States and Britain, in order to consume, on average, more calories per day than we do today, but they were thin – we know they were more physically active.

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A team of chemists from Brown University who a simple way to to synthesise iron-platinum nanorods and nanowires while the controller size of in both and composition developed. Nanorods to uniform shape and magnetic orientations are the key to next generation high-density memory device, however get make in bulk.