Standby Drug for Adult Bipolar Disorder May Be Safe suhagra.

Standby Drug for Adult Bipolar Disorder May Be Safe, Effective in Children: – MONDAY, Oct. 12, 2015 – – A new study suggests that lithium – – for a long time a go-to medicine for adults with bipolar disorder – – could be safely used in children with the condition, at least for the short-term. As the researchers explained, lithium is definitely the drug of preference for treating adults with bipolar disorder, which is seen as a extreme mood swings suhagra . The condition affects about 1 % of teenagers and is a leading cause of disability in the teenage years. Bipolar disorder starts in the teenagers or youthful adulthood typically, the researchers noted. While lithium is a standby medicine for adult patients, it has never been rigorously studied in kids, business lead researcher Dr.

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