The American Society for Radiation Oncology is rolling out a white paper.

It is our wish that practitioners use the tools and methods presented in this record to reassess and improve their own IMRT programs.’.. ASTRO develops light paper on safe use of intensity modulated radiation therapy As part of the Target Safely initiative, the American Society for Radiation Oncology is rolling out a white paper, the first of a series of such papers, on the safe usage of integrating intensity modulated radiation therapy in to the radiation oncology clinic. The executive overview of this white paper is published in the July printing issue of Practical Radiation Oncology , ASTRO’s medical practice journal.Consequently, these subjects were not contained in the analyses, departing 62 topics in the early-reconstruction group and 59 in the optional delayed-reconstruction group. The subjects who have been excluded after randomization had been similar to those assigned to treatment with respect to age, average KOOS4 rating , ratings on the SF-36 physical and mental parts , and median TAS score . The subjects in the optional delayed-reconstruction group got fewer rehabilitation visits than do those in the early-reconstruction group . In addition, there were no variations in baseline features among the three as-treated groups .