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The Dardar team that, from their clinic in Tanzania, tested HIV-positive subjects with traditional skin test for tuberculosis and physical exams .st x-rays and microscopic examination of sputum samples article . Then preformed cultures of these samples, in a controlled laboratory environment incubating a method widely used in developed countries, but typically not available or recommended resource-poor countries. In 10 cases sputum culture was the only positive test. Those patients with subclinical tuberculosis denied symptoms when they were tested for the first time, and had a normal chest x-rays. Tuberculosis tuberculosis was common, often asymptomatic, and difficult to detect on the basis of a single evaluation, the authors reported. In addition, the authors found that the HIV-infected patients with subclinical tuberculosis a much better prognosis than previously observed, perhaps due to Earlier diagnosis and treatment is to diagnose subclinical with active TB and treat with standard multiple drug treatment can result in incorrect single drug treatment for latent TB, the is likely to cause the potential TB drug resistance. , Addition of Dr. Reyn and colleagues from the Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Co-authors of the paper include members of the Department of Epidemiology at the Boston University School of Public Health, Public Health Research Institute in Newark, and the National Public Health Institute in Helsinki, Finland.

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