The European Food Supplements Directive goes live August 1.

The judges are corrupt. We’ll under no circumstances win this battle if we combat it on their terms. To defeat this grave injustice, we need to go Skywalker upon this evil empire. We need to think beyond the legal game and use our technology and global networking to shed light on the reality. So, please, someone get me something worth posting. It could be documents, video or audio recordings. Let’s expose this injustice for what it really is, and let’s share it with the globe. I offer you my word that I’ll spend whatever needs doing on publicity and bandwidth to talk about this with millions. Also the Death Star has a weaknessYou see, the Food Supplements Directive has a great weakness: this law is so utterly ridiculous that the act of enforcing it’ll be its downfall.Whenever using Romey, sighted students appeared to change patterns of conversation styles in ways that suggested they were considering the dynamics of working with a visually impaired colleague. Behrend said this can be described by group users using metacognition, which psychologists broadly refer to as individuals’ understanding of and about their very own and others’ cognitive processes.

AHA/ASA honors UH Case Medical Center with Get With The Guidelines-Stroke award Award demonstrates commitment to quality care for stroke patientsFor the 3rd consecutive 12 months, University Hospitals Case INFIRMARY has received the American Center Association/American Stroke Association’s Get With The Guidelines–Stroke Gold In addition Quality Accomplishment Award.