The health insurance industry.

AHIP, Chamber of Commerce ramp up opposition to health reform Insurers and the Chamber of Commerce are upgrading lobbying against a ongoing health care overhaul with new tv ads. ‘The health insurance industry, which had been going for a relatively tempered method of health care legislation, provides stepped up its opposition to the overhaul attempts as it is becoming clear that the ultimate product will not be to its liking,’ Roll Call reports. America’s Health Insurance Programs ‘has started running tv spots in 10 says, including the home state of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid , warning older persons that their benefits could be slashed adcirca and alcohol .’ AHIP also ‘blasted’ Reid’s decision to add a public choice in Senate health legislation .

Trade Representative for penalizing Thailand by placing the united states so prominently on the trade group’s View list for what AHF notes was Thailand’s exercising of its World Trade Organization-granted rights to protect public health. ‘In elevating Thailand to ‘Priority Watch’ designation – – the best urgency designation – – the USTR is seeking to punish the country even though Thailand honored international legislation in its efforts to increase usage of affordable lifesaving Helps and other drugs for its citizens,’ stated Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. ‘We commend the federal government of Thailand for its legally-permissible actions to safeguard medical and welfare of its people, and are saddened, however, not surprised, that any office of the Trade Representative would bow so willingly to the medication industry’s lobbyists.’ While Thailand stands on compulsory licensing steadfast, the USTR appeared to succumb to pressure from the Pharmaceutical Study and Manufacturers of America , the deep-pocketed drug market lobbying group which acquired submitted its PhRMA Special 301 Submission 2007 pointing out what the market believes are threats to the pharmaceutical industry and its worldwide income.