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The program announced Popular Opinion Leader HIV intervention by the by the College Center for AIDS Intervention Research . The program takes a community – level approach for lowering high-risk sexual behavior among the population vulnerable to HIV / AIDS sildenafil mylan . The intervention identifies those of course naturally popular, familiar, and among others in the community people very popular. This popular opinion leader are then trained and led to HIV prevention counseling to their friends and acquaintances to give everyday conversations. Urbanearch of Jeffrey A. Professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, medicine and director of CAIR conducted has shown that the POL intervention when in communities gay men, inner-city women and disadvantaged adolescents reduces performed levels of HIV risk behavior by about one third their previous level. The approach of identifying, training and recruitment popular opinion leaders from a vulnerable population groups is unique because it draws on the natural strengths already within the community to promote health and prevent disease, says Dr. The model is powerful because people everywhere rely on their friends for advice. This procedure uses this process with high risk behavior within an entire community to reduce. .

DMAA: The Care Continuum Alliance convenes all stakeholders offering services along the continuum of care to improve the health of the target population. These care continuum services include strategies such as health and wellness promotion, disease management and care coordination. DMAA: The Care Continuum Alliance promotes the role of improving public health, quality of care, improving health outcomes and reducing preventable health care costs for people with chronic disease and those at risk for developing chronic diseases. DMAA activities in support of these efforts include advocacy, research and promotion of best practices in care management.

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