The land mass to the epicenter of the earthquake.

Sumatra, the land mass to the epicenter of the earthquake, In Malaysia, the areas from Sri Lanka and India , from which images are to be devastated. It is therefore crucial that assessments may soon have to start. ‘We expect that the damages are two consecutive two successive disasters The earthquake and aftershocks the the building to collapse, and the subsequent tsunami have created further chaos,’said Weuts.

In Malaysia, MSF is now looking north along the coast of Penang Island. In Thailand, an assessment is under way for the part of the southern coast to the border with Myanmar. ‘Our team in India reached Chennai today, the city formerly known as Madras,’says Weuts. ‘They report that some initial aid is available, but a lot more is needed. This further south further south tomorrow. ‘.. Other current Weill Cornell faculty recipients of NIH MERIT awards include , William Muller, for research to promote a better understanding of the specific processes of inflammation and ways to help , Aaron J.CS-8958, manufactured by Daiichi Sankyo and Biota joint title being by Twin Cap , to a patented A dry powder inhaler which comes treat and prevent treatment and prevention of influenza infection either and seasonal pandemic situation Hovione. The device was developed to be in a broad spectrum of patients the inspiratory flow rates are used, and by submitting a single priming campaign before use.

Hovione is delighted to announce that their Twin Hats inhaler of licensees Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd. and Biota Holdings Ltd each successful Phase III studies of CS-8958 have famous, announce a new long-acting neuraminidase inhibitor for treating grippe .

CS-8958 is valuable new treatment Influenza a Currently neuraminidase inhibitors on flu required day or frequently dose compared to CS-8958 which require a dosage to treat and be once-weekly doses for the prophylaxis). The capacity to on the patient dose of weekly and less frequently, based offers numerous advantages. First, the volume of the product heap heap resources small and second provide single dose treating better patient adherence and comfort.