The National Committee for the Social Security and Medicare.

To allow mobilized National Committee members Congress know their vote their vote on this legislation for seniors and their families -. Next week will be more than 73rd 000 letters of National Committee members and supporters to Congress urging the abolition of the private medical benefit overpayments be supplied. National Committee members have hundreds of telephone calls to their representatives placed support these Medicare reforms. – Seniors want to sound health cover opportunities, not only for themselves but for their children and grandchildren to The National Committee supports the Medicare reforms in the House bill and we will work hard the next few weeks the coming weeks to its passage. Barbara.

Primary Care Trusts , which pay for local health care in every area, just picking up the bill with no control over expenditure.. The 73rd the right recipe for Medicare House legislation includes reforms of privatization, United States Stopping By improving the Medicare program for the elderly and, at the same time, the health insurance for more uninsured children, the CHAMP legislation finally America’s healthcare focus is back to where it should be American families, Barbara B. Kennelly, President / CEO.

New ‘patient choice’ policy take no account of limited resources and funding, the authors say.###BOOK AUTHORS: Carolyn J. Crandall, Arun Karlamangla, Mei-Hua Huang, Minutes Guan and Gail Greendale of UCLA; Giske Ursin to the USC and of Oslo University.

PATRONS: The California Breast Cancer Research Program, this National Institute on Aging and of the National Institute of Health.