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Huffington Post: Marilyn Tavenner Confirmed As Medicare Chief The Senate acquired declined to vote on Tavenner's nomination during Obama's initial term and failed to vote on Obama's prior nominee, Donald Berwick, or Bush's nominee Kerry Weems. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Solutions already provide health care benefits to a lot more than 100 million Americans and have a budget rivaling the Pentagon's. The agency's part is growing as the Obama administration implements the ongoing health care reform law, which will reduce the true number of uninsured People in america by an estimated 25 million by 2023. As mind of the company, Tavenner is charged with carrying out key elements of Obamacare, including its expansion of Medicaid .Aerotel to present two new models of hand-held ECG monitors at Medica 2013 Aerotel will show two new versions for professional and personal use of the world's most advanced mini sized portable ECG event recorder-transmitters enabling the transmission of ECG data from any place at any time. Aerotel Medical Systems, a respected global provider of advanced remote monitoring solutions for telecare and telehealth, will present two new types of the world's smallest and most accurate hand-held ECG monitors in Medica 2013.