The training is on the development of good behavior with the EEG-based brain as a measure Canada.

The training is on the development of good behavior with the EEG-based brain as a measure. Repetition of this exercise for a series of 30-minute sessions typically leads to an improved cognitive function and improved emotional control Canada . The success-oriented work focuses instead deficit. There is a fitness strategy that avoids the jargon of mental health, and suits the soldier natural orientation toward a training and fitness program, said Othmer. Been been through the program shown tremendous positive effects. A veteran who more than 2 hours more than 2 hours at a time has been sleeping through the night after just 7 sessions, without medication. The same veteran had avoided the movie theater, Othmer the place was his first flashback. After 12 sessions, he saw a movie for the first time in 8 years. Another veteran was his marriage and family by calming to save his anger and need control everything. What had been appropriate in wartime was destroying his private life. Veterans get their lives back with Neurofeedback. Even a veteran of the Second World War found its sleep again after not having slept well since 1945. Siegfried Othmer and Susan F. , the founder of the EEG Institute and have been involved with neurofeedback since 1985. The initial idea was the brain-training her son Brian for his seizure disorder. The training was life changing for her son, the professional life, redirected to the further development of neurofeedback as well as the promotion of public acceptance. Othmer is currently Chief Scientist of the EEG Institute and President of the Brian Othmer Foundation. Susan Othmer is the Medical Director at the EEG Institute , located in Woodland Hills . The Othmer done pioneering work in, a number of novel applications of of neurofeedback over the years. The Othmer provide professional training in EEG biofeedback and sponsor a professional network of Neurofeedback therapists, the EEG Associates. The Othmer developed premier instrumentation for Neurofeedback continuously over the past 22 years, and this trend is underway.

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