The UCSF Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center

It is a partnership that combines the unique strengths and resources of a renowned training and capacity building institution, the UCSF Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center , and an internationally recognized leader in the field of HIV prevention research, the UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies . By PAETC we deliver training and educational activities related to the clinical management of HIV With this new grant, we can assist in ensuring that clinical provider adequate care for trans people in a welcoming environment, CoE said principal investigator, Michael Reyes, of UCSF PAETC.

‘in addition, this grant brings the CoE in the health care arena and brings us closer to our vision of a comprehensive center for transgender health,’added Keatley.the euro Europe was launched in 2007 to guide capacity building, professional development, policy advocacy, research, development and provide resources, In Los Angeles, access to culturally competent HIV prevention for transgender people in California. ‘The establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Transgender HIV prevention was a historic event, this is the first time every state funded affect a statewide effort to HIV among trans people, provides the launch of the website access to the resources and information that providers need to render culturally competent, effective services, ‘said Keatley.

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