Trauma and spine patients.

A construction of advanced imagery and mapping technology, the Wise OR helps neurosurgeons perform complicated brain, trauma and backbone procedures in a more effective way. Sacred Heart Hospital – in Eau Claire, Wis. – may be the first medical center in the national nation to use this technology configuration for both surgery and diagnostics. It is also the first hospital of its size to possess a BrainSUITE with the IMRIS iMRI operating suite and finally the iCT operating suite.The research team’s objective would be to enhance knowledge in chemical and molecular biology.5m in financing which attracts national competition. Sir Muir Russell, Principal of the University of Glasgow, stated: ”To attract such a higher level of research expense is further evidence of the exceptional contribution that both Glasgow and our sister Universities bring to the international research platform. I am delighted to discover that Professor Isaacs and his group will continue to be at the forefront of study which has such positive and significant potential for so many people.

Aetna is helping to reverse misuse of prescription painkillers Misuse of prescription painkillers, referred to as opioids, is a widespread and growing issue in the usa.