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Some important examples show the need for greater leadership and action: – The recent global economic crisis has raised concerns that the financial commitments to fight AIDS, while factors such as poverty can be reduced, that people susceptible to the disease raised will go increase. ,, as recently by the OECD , which is called a ‘Aid Promise,’is necessary for the progress any treatment. In the treatment and prevention is not lost priligy .

Some level of sexual problem was reported in 43 % – with 39 % reporting low desire, 26 % problems with arousal and 21 % difficulties with orgasm. In connection with an emergency but such problems have been reported only 12 % of the participants in the study. Although the prevalence of sexual problems was highest in women over 65, reported that the group reported the lowest levels of distress, while distress was most common among women aged 45 to 64. The youngest group – those 18 to 44 – had lower levels of both problems and distress. Women with depression were more than twice as likely to fear about any kind of sexual problem than those – suffering from depression.

Clinical Trial style and results TheThe randomized, double blind, 68 patientsontrolled study included 68 patients.