You can helpral places a friends home in another town.

Prepare a Personal Evacuation Plan: – Identify evacuate ahead of time where you can go if you are told. You can helpral places – a friend’s home in another town, a motel or a shelter. – Keep handy the telephone numbers of these places as well as a map of your site. You may need to to go alternative or unfamiliar routes if major roads closed or clogged.

What to do when a hurricane CLOCK output : – Prepare to to bring inside any garden furniture, outdoor decorations or ornaments, trash cans, hanging plants and anything that can be picked up by the wind. – Prepare to cover all windows of your home. If not been installed not been installed, use precut plywood as described above. Note: Tape does not prevent that Windows is breaking, so taping windows is not recommended. – Fill your car ‘s gas tank. – Inspect manufactured home tie – downs. – Check the batteries and stock up on canned food, first aid supplies, drinking water and medicines.

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